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How to use sms newsletter correctly IntisTele
How to use sms newsletter correctly IntisTele - фотография

When we start working on an SMS campaign, we often wonder how to get the phone numbers to which we will send our SMS newsletters. This is not troublesome in online stores, which often collect information about the phone number when registering. However, what if our online offer is not based on a registration form where interested users can leave a phone number? From our website, we suggest that you consider using a separate tool that is bulk SMS service api its purpose is to provide a mechanism that allows you to leave a mobile phone number to all visitors to your site.

Of course, from a business point of view, the phone number is the most important, but if we get more information from a potential customer, we will make it easier to target future campaigns. We will be able to send random messages, for example, birthday wishes or just for one gender-wishes on the occasion of women's day, or a reminder of the upcoming day for men.

The SMS Newsletter tool allows you to get information about the user's name, gender, and age. Be aware of marketing agreements and check that the number is correct. When receiving a phone number, remember to obtain permission to make parcels in, for example, this form: You also can not forget about the need to check the correctness of the number during recording and be sure that the specified number belongs to the user who subscribed to your SMS newsletter.

The Power of SMS Marketing SMS campaigns that include sending SMS or MMS messages to purchased or potential customers are the most effective form of promotion. The only condition is that they are conducted correctly-in such a way as to encourage the audience to interact. Looking at the infographic below, it is worth paying special attention to:

  • 98% of users read information sent in SMS users want to receive advertising information in the form of SMS
  • messages mobile phone is a device that we rarely part with planning SMS and MMS campaigns
  • Each marketing campaign must be properly planned, especially since the level of our commitment at the initial stage is translated into the final efficiency of the enterprise.

According to the analytical agency Nielsen, 71% of people who were sent an ad via a mobile phone are looking for additional information about a product, service or brand, and almost half make a purchase decision - this is a record performance of SMS campaigns against other forms of mobile marketing.

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